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Winning Prizes for this Month are:

Sincx360 - $5,000 In-game Money, 1x Godsword, Free Overlord Rank (1 Month)
Ephixial - $4,000 In-game Money, 100 Diamonds, Free VIP Rank (1 Month)
JemNZ - $3,000 In-game Money & 100 Diamonds
PhatHeaD71 - $2,000 In-game Money & 50 Diamonds
chalice713 - $1,000 In-game Money & 20 Diamonds
5482404 - $500 In-Game Money & 10 Diamonds
Alizarikai - $200 In-game Money & 5 Diamonds
michaelos1 - $100 In-game Money & Free Donator Rank (1 Month)
Pharaohll - $100 In-game Money & Free Donator Rank (1 Month)
Elohims_Son - $100 In-game Money & Free Donator Rank (1 Month)

Congratulations to all the winners of this month, i hope this motivates other players to make it on the top 10 mob kills for this month. Enjoy the prizes, you have all work very hard for it playing countless hours on Goldcraft. We appreciate the time and dedication you have put into our fast growing server thanks to all of you, Thank you
ElephantEars11 tagtag I agree with PhatHeaD71 and I know you are talking about a Skyblock reset, but I would appreciate it if you didn't. I kn ...
achtunging tagtagtag Gz to all :3
Benbo1190 tagtagtag Lol, i love the way it says godsword 1 VIP rank FREE! makes it sound like you have to pay for the godsword xD
For the first 2 weeks of the prison server we are going to be having a whit listed Alpha test to see if there are any bugs and also so the donator who get white-listed can get ahead of the game as a thanks for testing and supporting the server. Also as well as the early access the whitelisted people will receive a Free OP kit for on the server with will include a efficiency 10 Diamond Pickaxe :O. If you cant donate to be white listed fear not, as said above this will only be for 2 weeks to help test for bugs so the actual server is better when we get it running. Thanks for you guys and gals who do help us out in the server early stages and you will get a memorial at the prison spawn!

For those who do get white listed the current test IP is :

For a limited time you can now get whitelisted with Voting Points :O

ElephantEars11 tagtag WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SERVER?!?! Why is it down?
Bandit_Gurl tagtag donate ig or irl?
sharonwhitelock you have to donte $5 for 2 weeks of early access to test for bugs and get a head start. It will be public in like 2 week ...

Hunger games

sharonwhitelock posted Mar 29, 14

robotsanta tagtag aww hell no u killed me
SeaNanners87 tagtagtag hey I saw me ...
FadedData08 tagtagtag I smell auto sprint ...
Sorry for the down time guys but we were doing a full server clean and trying to fix the random bungee crash problem along with some other problems that have been highlighted to us. We also had the down time so we could add a new prison server that is being developed as wee speak and depending on how much spare time we have determine how fast the server will be released publicly. At the moment I have descided to make it an op PvP prison server that will include plots,player shops, lots of drop parties and will have rank a-z then free and donator ranks. However this is all just a plan and could change. You will just have to wait till the server opens to find out I guess :) 

If you have any suggestions for the prison server feel free to post them here and I will take a look and maybe incorporate the idea.

- Cameron (sharonwhitelock)
AC_JC tag This will help anyone who is just starting up just not sure what the heck that was at the start... Anyway good idea xD ...
Benbo1190 tagtagtag Briliant this will help the new players Great idea, next time maybe put captions up explaining how to do things like bui ...
sharonwhitelock Sorry about the black spot about half way through but it only last like 10 seconds, one of the video clips didn't get pr ...
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